Do you think it is possible to be healthy, wealthy, successful, happy, and loved all at the same time? Yes! THE POWER OF JOY will bring you tools to create the life of your dreams. You deserve all the best, and most of all, you deserve to be fully happy.

THE POWER OF JOY is a positive spiritual reading that will assist you to achieve health, peace of mind, prosperity, success, and love. The book shares valuable tips for personal development. Its mission is to awaken a deep connection within your most powerful inner strength: Joy! Bibba Pacheco studied, developed, and applied successfully five forces that can be reproduced in everybody’s daily life: mediation, movement, healthy eating, positive thinking, and mindful energizing.


What does it offer you?

Comprehend the five practices of joy, meditation, movement, healthy eating, positive thinking, mindful energizing, and how to include them in your routine.

Learn how to overcome doubt, fear, anger, and anxiety.

Develop your inner power in order to become powerful and invincible.

Make your life flow naturally to the path of happiness.

Take a journey inside and find inner peace.

Become the best version of yourself.

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About the Author

Bibba Pacheco is a best selling Author, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Chopra certified Health & Wellness Educator, Harvard Life/Spiritual Coach, Music Producer & International DJ. The artist owns one of the most extraordinary careers that an artist can achieve. Her exceptional talent comes from a brilliant academic background: Bachelor of Social Communication/Publicity & Advertising and Associate Degree in Film/Cinematography/AIFL; with diplomas in Science of Psychology Coaching from Harvard University, Yoga Master at Chopra University/CA, Reiki Master by the Spiritual Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing/USA; Deeksha giver by O&O Academy/Oneness University/India, Classical/Piano Theory and Electronic Music Production -AIMEC/Brazil.

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